June is gonna ROCK

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Welp, here’s another episode. I’m hearing lots of punk songs about touring and vans and etc. lately, and it rubs me the wrong way. It’s kinda like writers writing about writers, or how all of Rancid’s songs are either a tour of East Bay landmarks or a celebration of how long they’ve been around. Guys, we know. Shut up. Stop being lazy and write about something that isn’t a direct extension of yourselves.

Wow, am I full of opinions today.

Here’s this week’s/month’s/epoch’s episode!

I try not to repeat bands two shows in a row, but Nude Beach are really fucking good so I made an exception.

nude beach – smokin’ good
hyper hindu squatters – fuckin’ swipe
the ding dongs – come on lil’ dolly
the templars – skins and punks
everyone everywhere – everyhow everywhere
candy hearts – punk songs
1994! – sour thanks man
sex prisoner – piss when i cum
god mode – don’t give me no guff
tkc – first one ever


let’s do this thing

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Only a month between updates this time! I’m getting the hang of this. Lots of awesome music finding its way into my life these days, which bodes well for the next update, which will be in about 100 years or so. School and work are hard, what can I say? Anyway, it’s a great mix this time around, so download it and set your head to “bang” mode.

Get it right here!

bloodshot bill –  rockin’ with rosie
cola freaks – paranoid
SQRM – political song
nude beach – boss song
black orphan – metal leg
pulling teeth – grudgeholder
dry feet – pray for surf
aye nako –  let it in
KIDS – red whiskey
lost boy – fast burn

it liiiiiiiiiiives

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Wow. It’s been six months since the last update but, much like Rasputin and disco, this podcast just refuses to die. I have a ton of stuff to talk about since my last update, but there’s no order to it and I’m scared of what would happen if I just freewrote this entry. It would probably look like one of those YouTube videos with hundreds of tags to increase search engine optimization. No one wants that. So maybe I should just save the bullshit for another day and get to the music part, eh?

Download it!

the barreracudas – baby baby baby
45 adapters – overtime
PALA – the same time, the same place
vacation – big scary dudes
hex dispensers – my love is a bat
white guilt – born a victim/born ashamed
weekends – poor pisces
big soda – the flood
band name – opportunity
triac – grab everything that kills

Be still our beating hearts – a new episode!

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Holy crap! An update? Really? Yes, it’s true – I finally put together a new episode for the hundreds, nay thousands, of loyal listeners I don’t have. On the plus side, this one’s a real firecracker. The Kidnappers are one of my favorite punk ‘n roll bands these days, and Witchfinger are surprisingly good; it took a few listens to get into them, but I’m hooked now. I’m hopefully going to see Pulling Teeth, Punch, and some other local thrash/crossover bands on Friday, and if so, I should have plenty more music for this oft-neglected podcast of mine.

Anyway, enough rambling. Download this episode! Do iiiiiiiiiit.

witchfinger – pencil
wax phantom – white widow
the kidnappers – cool kids never die
the nectars – overheat
hightime – to spoil
boyfriends – untitled
the kirks – nowhere
adult braces – don’t think
restless knights – household remedy
the bugs – dave navarro’s goatee fucking sucks

Hey look a new episode how about that

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Wow, y’know, in retrospect, it’s not fair to complain about no one liking my podcast when weeks pass between episodes. Oh well. At least I, as usual, have a good one this time around. The samples, by the way, were taken from a fan dub of a fan-made Persona 4 comic strip, which turned out to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Well done, shameless nerds, well done. Also, Blast The Stereo played in Baltimore on Friday night – I missed the show, but as it was an all pop-punk affair, I would have been the oldest guy there by about 10 years. Still, I imagine fun was had.

Download this show before I start feeling old and creepy!

the yolks – i do what i do
terminus city – here we go again
professor – numerous clauses
psyched to die – five year plan
fun funeral – convince me to have an eating disorder
the class war kids – coma girl
nux vomica – room silencer
malignus youth – no escape
the fxdx – public hangings
blast the stereo – white wolf mayo

Yet another episode!

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Given the enthusiastic response (meaning less than 10 people) to this show’s phoenix-like rebirth, it only made sense to spend an hour or two of my life putting together a new episode. OF COURSE I find the process rewarding. Why would you even ask that kind of question.

Anyway, this is a good’un. Nunfuckers are the find of the episode, and Melissa Moran is someone I personally know and happen to really like. Happyxhaines, who was on last week’s episode, is also a super cool guy and will, with any luck, become a huge country star complete with a closet full of inverted-cross Nudie suits. Hopefully by then I’ll be able to continue this show and other blogging projects from a small cottage on the Moon.

Oh, and the non-musical content is actual public cop radio chatter; apparently some woman in California stole a police SUV and was driving around Lancaster in a panic. Good times.

Download the show!

grown ups – weed science
sick fix – katie
nunfuckers – spoiled brat
hobo – garbageman
sic semper tyrannis – l’etat providence
david r. merry – that ain’t right
lebenden toten – TV sells
sisterhood issue – i’m in hate
melissa moran – in between places
louis lingg and the bombs – princess mononoke

posting a new episode instead of sleeping becauszzzzzzzzz

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Good lord! Looks like I’m back to it! I’ve got all kinds of crazy crap going on, so this podcast will continue to be updated whenever the hell I feel like it. Hopefully this will result in occasional funjoyment for the listeners at home, if I even have any.

Lots of good bands coming out of PA these days, especially the Lehigh Valley area. I’ll put ’em up here as I find ’em; The Joint Chiefs of Math are on this episode and they kick ass. You’ll see once you get to downloading, which I suggest you do now so I can end this post/babbling insanely and go to bed.

Well lookit! A direct download, finally!

the executives – fashion
catholic buttfuckers – i love my dead gay helicopter
death first – social work blues
the effect – reduced
the joint chiefs of math – super tape worm
skitkids – du vet allt
build no system – welcome to america
miesha and the spanks – baby you’re gone
happyxhaines – baltimore county jail
robocop – assassination markets