June is gonna ROCK

Welp, here’s another episode. I’m hearing lots of punk songs about touring and vans and etc. lately, and it rubs me the wrong way. It’s kinda like writers writing about writers, or how all of Rancid’s songs are either a tour of East Bay landmarks or a celebration of how long they’ve been around. Guys, we know. Shut up. Stop being lazy and write about something that isn’t a direct extension of yourselves.

Wow, am I full of opinions today.

Here’s this week’s/month’s/epoch’s episode!

I try not to repeat bands two shows in a row, but Nude Beach are really fucking good so I made an exception.

nude beach – smokin’ good
hyper hindu squatters – fuckin’ swipe
the ding dongs – come on lil’ dolly
the templars – skins and punks
everyone everywhere – everyhow everywhere
candy hearts – punk songs
1994! – sour thanks man
sex prisoner – piss when i cum
god mode – don’t give me no guff
tkc – first one ever


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